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CellarPro Mounting Clips 1800 2-Pk, #1092

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Our Price: $10.00

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Mounting clips "clip" to the front of CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units and are bolted to the ceiling inside the wine cellar.

CellarPro Mounting Clips 1800 2-Pk (SKU Clips (2)). Two mounting clips can attach anywhere along the front of CellarPro 1800 cooling units and offer predrilled slots for bolting to the ceiling of the wine cellar. Framing is required in or above the ceiling.

  • Capacity:noinfofound
  • Size:1.5w x 2d x 3/8h
  • Weight:.5 lb
  • Power/Rating:noinfofound
  • Warranty:noinfofound
  • SKU:Clips (2)
  • UPC:noinfofound

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Rip Off Clips

The fact that they make you pay 10.00 for this junk is a stain on an otherwise excellent company. These should be included with the unit or at least be a no cost option. They cant cost more than .50 to make. When I installed them, they bent easily and were hard to work with. I had to install backing nuts on the all-thread because they wouldn't support the weight without bending.




these clips work just fine

I was skeptical when I opened the package of mounting clips, however, I found that they work just fine. The old mounting ears from the Grand Cru cooler I was replacing wouldn't work as the cellar pro is a larger unit. So, I snapped them into place on the cooler before mounting it in the cabinet. Once I got the 1800QT into the opening in the cabinet, I was able to prop it up with a piece of wood, pre-drill some screw holes, and attach the screws. Extremely simple design made it easy to use. I do agree with Richard's review that these could be included in the default package, but I understand that many people wouldn't need them, so I don't really find fault with having the buy them. Cheap compared to the wine. :)

Tim Kennedy

Clifton, VA



Would not buy these , they are cheaply made and a shelf is better

David Lynn

Redding, ca



Why aren't these included?????


Battle Ground, WA


Better than nothing, barely,

After seeing how well the other components I purchased were made, I was very disappointed with these clips. They didn't fit without serious modification, and even after than I'm not really pleased with them. Will make my own supports first chance I get.

Reply from Manufacturer:
These clips do not need any modification whatsover.  Simply remove the grill cover, then clip the short end under the case cover -- that's all there is to it...

J. Bordelon

Baton Rouge, LA


Just ok ... not by much.

Concept is also a bit weak. They catch a small folder of metal at the top of the unit. In my case the clips did not pull the unit all the way up the top of the frame. The work but not well and I agree that they should be included with the unit.

Todd Anderson



Overpriced but needed

Got to have them.. They should be included.


Bay area CA



These clips are ridiculously overpriced and necessary for the mounting of this unit. I concur, they should be included with the item upon purchase......... add shipping costs to these overpriced pieces of metal and you've got a real burn job!


Corcoran California 3/8/13


Overpriced, but needed

$25! These should be included with the otherwise highly rated unit at no cost.

Richard McFadden

Waldwick NJ



As it turned out, these clips were not needed. I have mailed them back and I hope you have credited the $10 to my account. As I said at order time - $10 for these clips was gouging. After spending $1000 for the cooling unit, $10 for the clips was an insult.

David Huisjen

tucson, AZ


Mounting clips

If your old unit has clips, use them. You won't have to drill new holes. One of the new clips I bought was extremely difficult to fit - the "fold over" was too tight. I never did get it on perfectly and I would have had great difficulty moving it for alignment - fortunately the old Breezaire clips fitted perfectly.


Henderson NV