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CellarPro 4200VSi Cooling Unit, #1079

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CellarPro 4200VSi Cooling Unit (P/N 4200VSi). CellarPro's 4200VSi 1/3 Ton Nominal wine cellar refrigeration system combines outstanding performance, adjustable humidity control and variable-speed fans for super-quiet operation.

CellarPro's 4200VSi should be used for interior through-the-wall or ducted wine cellar installations. The condenser side of these cooling systems are designed to handle environments ranging from . Exposure on the condenser side to temperatures below 40°F requires the addition of our compressor heater ($99), and, in addition, below 20°F requires the addition of our fan cycling switch ($99). The evaporator cannot be exposed to temperatures below 32°F.

3938 BTUH. Designed for wine cellars from 500 up to 1500 cubic feet and rated for internal applications, the 4200VSi features variable-speed fans with a "high" setting for maximum performance in high-temperature (+115°F) environments and a "low" setting for super-quiet operation . Additional features include a thermostatic heating element and 1/2" I.D. drain line, electronic temperature and adjustable humidity control.

The cooling unit can be located remotely and ducted with our front duct kit, rear duct kit, bottle probe and remote control accessories. With our duct kits, the supply and return airflows can be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per duct) without an inline fan, or (rear duct only) 200 equivalent feet (100 feet per duct) with an inline fan. Please note: Our factory authorized duct kits MUST be used when ducting our cooling units in accordance with our placement requirements, otherwise our warranty becomes null and void.

Shipping: We charge a flat-rate of $145 to ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. via common carrier, strapped to a pallet, with curbside delivery.

We offer an extended warranty with enhanced coverage for our VS Series cooling units. Click here for more information about our extended warranty.

  • Up to 1500 Cu. Ft. Capacity (1/4 Ton Nominal)
  • Can be configured to operate in extreme temperature conditions (-20 to 115°F)
  • High-Performance Compressor
  • Oversized Coated Evaporator Coils
  • Dual High-Output Centrifugal Fans
  • Adjustable Humidity Control via Electronic Display
  • Thermostat-Modulated Condensate Evaporator with "On/Off" Control
  • 1/2" ID Condensate Fitting and Drain Line
  • Variable Speed Fans for Super-Quiet Operation or Maximum Performance
  • 53.7 Decibels at Low Fan Speed
  • Can be partially or completely ducted
  • Advanced Electronic Thermostat
  • Digital LED Display
  • Energy-Saver Mode
  • Quick-Chill Mode
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Min/Max Temperature
  • Maintenance-Needed Indicator
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Auto-Defrost Cycle
  • Stainless Steel Drain Pan
  • Removable Steel Case
  • Replaceable Condenser Air Filter
  • Rechargeable Refrigerant Schraeder Valve
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  • Vibration-free Operation
  • Dual Power Source - Front or Rear
  • Compatible with a Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit
  • Optional Bottle Probe
  • ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards)
  • Standard Warranty: 2 Years (Entire System) / 5 Years (Compressor)
  • Optional Extended Warranty.

Great Company

My fan was shipped when I was told it would be & contained great directions and a contact if I had a prob. Great company!

Paul M.

Gardendale, AL


Cellerpro 4200Vsi

Installed this to replace a Breezair unit that failed after 6 years. The 4200Vsi is much heavier than the old one and seems much better built from the outside. It is also more expensive and I hope it's one of those 'you get what you pay for' situations. I really like the 3 speeds and it is also quieter than the old unit. FYI, the unit comes on a pallet and I recommend help to get it unloaded. I have a small tractor with front end loader and that made it easy.


Howell, MI


CellarPro 4200 Vsi DIY Install

Replaced a Breezaire unit that leaked water and wouldn't keep my cellar a consistent humidity and was extremely noisey. I mounted this unit in my cellar and used the rear ducting. Temperature and humidity are in the perfect range and I can not hear it running outside of my cellar. I wished I had purchased this one first.


Canyon Lake, TX


CellarPro 4200VSi DIY Install

Received 8 years of reliable performance from our last unit (Koolspace), but it was way undersized for the task of cooling my cellar so I needed to upgrade. Had my eye on the Eurocave INOA self-contained tower unit, but after a long and helpful discussion with the excellent Customer Service folks at Rosehill Wine Cellars, I settled on the CellarPro unit instead. Glad I did. To convert from the wall-mounted unit to a ducted register system, I included the front duct kit, which also required the remote control kit. The conversion project was a somewhat complicated (and fun, in a way that only us DIYers understand) installation job overall, but NOT because of any fault of the CellarPro unit. The 4200 appears to be well-built, it is fully capable of maintaining the proper temp range in my cellar, and it is quiet during operation. The price seems fair for the quality, capacity, features and warranty, and considering the amount of money that I have invested in the wine in my cellar, it was an easy decision once I settled on the proper unit. As a side note regarding humidity; Per the suggestion in the instructions, I added foam insulation to the outside of the supplied duct kit pieces, and additionally I ordered a small, 2.5 GPH in-pan condensate removal pump (EC-400) from PexSupply.com to handle any drainage come summertime, since the unit is located in an area of the house where I cannot just let any condensate drain freely. California has very low humidity, so I don't need a larger HVAC-rated condensate pump. This unit is handy because it has a self-contained sump pan w/float included, so the installation is very easy. Very impressed with the unit overall, and a fun and satisfying DIY chore for those who have some reasonably strong experience (and a strong back-it is a bit heavy). My wine sleeps well, and so do I.

Barry K.

Granite Bay, CA


CellarPro 4200VSi

Installed unit after other brands failed too soon. Runs very quiet. Appears sturdy. I like the air intake filter (absence was a problem with other brands). While heavy, I think the published weight must include packing material. I suggest you rent a duck lift (essentially a manual fork lift) it is safer than a second person to install unit. Staff worked well to arrange a shipping date that worked for me. It was pricey, especially with the extended warranty, but if it lasts will be worth it.


Alexandia, VA


CellarPro 4200VSi Cooling Unit

Installed the unit about 3 weeks ago, easy to install if you have help lifting it in place, it is heavy. This is the 3rd cooling unit I have purchased in the past 5 years, the first 2 (other brands) failed after about 2 1/2 years of use so I decided to spend more for a higher quality one. Right away you can see this is a solid unit compared to the others. Fired up right out of the box and got to temperature with ease in my 1,000 CU FT cellar. Holds temp well with little effort @ medium setting using 5-6 kWH a day in electricity in a well insulated cellar with 85-90 degrees outside temps. Pros - Look and feel tells you this is higher quality than many others I have seen - Maintains temps with ease - Very quiet Cons - Price, but if this lasts it will be worth the extra $

Steve T

Auburn, Ca.


CellarPro 4200vsi

Absolutely perfect for my needs. Quiet, and the temperature of the cellar is rock-solid steady. I highly recommend the unit and the company. I wasn't sure exactly what accessories I needed, and ordered more than should have. The people at Cellarpro got in touch with me immediately, asked questions about how I intended to install and use the unit, and made sure they shipped only what I needed. I recommend them highly.

Lou Galie

Leander Texas



Thought I would let you know that the unit we bought is perfect.  It is not just quiet but I consider it silent.  The temp NEVER changes – it stays at a constant 57°. We are so glad that you were able to guide us in the right direction.

Bill and Stephanie

Dallas, TX


CellarPro 4200VSi Cooling Unit

I have only had the unit for 7 days. The install was easy since I already had electric in place for my old split system. I did have to cut a hole in the wall & frame it out. That process took about 3 hours because I also had to cut some of my wine rack to make space. The most difficult part of the install was due to my unit being mounted about 7 feet high. It took 3 people to lift it in place. Once mounted in the wall it started right up and ran perfect right out of the box. The Cellar Pro, even on high, runs quieter than the split system it replaced. It had no problem bringing wine my cellar back to 55 and keeping it cool in these 100 degree days we have been having. The only issue I have so far is the far side of my cellar runs about 1 degree warmer than the cooling unit side. If the cool air vents were adjustable I probably could redirect the air straight back and solve the problem. Maybe cellar pro will add this feature in the future. I did talk to customer service & they suggested I remote mount the temperature probe. I'll give that a go in the near future.

James Moss

Munster Indiana


Really Impressed

I'm really impressed by the high quality construction and design of the unit which far exceeds that of unit made by a different company which just failed and which could not be easily repaired.

Mark M.

Silver Spring, MD


Cellar Pro 4200 VSi

The unit was installed a couple of weeks ago and seems to be running well. The wine cellar is about 1500 sf, so the unit has to work hard, but the room is very well insulated. The temp is 59-60 degrees and I have not made any adjustments to date. The machine vents into the garage which can certainly be warm during the hot days. Time will tell. Comparatively, I feel it is a good value. Installation was easy for my contractor.

Tim Reulin

Forestville, CA 7/12/11


Cellar-Pro 4200

Recently purchased this unit. It arrived when promised and in good condition. Installed easily in my 500 cu ft cellar. The unit is very quiet. My cellar thermometer reads 4 degrees warmer than the unit (can't be sure which is correct), so I set the unit at 51 and the cellar thermometer reads a constant 55. Looking forward to many years of properly-aged wine!

JP Miller

Portola Valley, CA


Rock Solid

Temperature control is quite accurate!! Will monitor during 1st summer of operation but we've hit 90's already and temp is rock solid.

Ed R.

Houston, TX


CellarPro 4200VSi

I received my unit two weeks ago and had it installed through the wall by a carpenter--it took 2 hours and was very simple job. The unit works extremely well and within a half hour the wine room temperature reached the correct level. It does exactly what I want it to do--control the temp and humidity. The unit is not on most of the time (I have good insulation and a moister barrier both of which are important). I had shopped around and although this unit is a little more expensive, it is worth it. The CellarPro guys explained everything to me, were very patient and called to check on how it was working. Without reservation, I can recommend the unit to anyone. I have about 880 cubic feet of space to be conditioned and I understand it works well up to 1,000.

Marty Coyle

Sonoma, CA