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CellarPro Mini-Split 3000S Refrigeration System, #1713

Designed for wine cellars up to 600 cubic feet and rated for internal or external (see notes below) applications, CellarPro's Mini-Split 3000S 1/4 Ton Nominal refrigeration system allows the noise from the condensing unit to be removed from living areas, and eliminates the need for large holes in your cellar wall. This is achieved by separating the evaporator unit from the condensing unit.

CellarPro Mini-Split 3000S Refrigeration System (SKU 3000S). Our advanced evaporator unit uses a variable-speed centrifugal fan with three settings, including a "high" setting for maximum performance and a "low" setting for super-quiet operation. Inside the wine cellar, our evaporator should be wall-mounted near the top of the cellar with supplied mounting brackets, or remotely located and ducted when used with our front duct kit. Please note that the evaporator cannot be exposed to freezing temperatures.

In its standard configuration, our high-performance condensing unit will handle environments ranging from 40F to 110F. The condensing unit requires 12 inches of unobstructed space in front of the coils, and requires approx. 600-700 CFM of ventilation when installed in a confined space.

CellarPro Split wine cellar refrigeration systems offer a choice of wiring:

  1. The Condensing unit can be electronically controlled by and wired to the Evaporator (single power source on the Evaporator side). This configuration allows the Condensing unit to be used in temperatures down to 20F with the addition of our compressor heater, or >-20F with the addition of our low ambient kit. This configuration requires a 15-amp dedicated circuit breaker for 3000S and 4000S systems, and a 25-amp dedicated circuit breaker for 6000S and 8000S systems.
  2. The Condensing unit can be controlled by a Solenoid valve (dual power source, one each to the Evaporator and Condensing units.) This configuration allows the Condensing unit to be used in temperatures down to 20F with the addition of our compressor heater, or 0F with the addition of our low ambient kit. This configuration requires the evaporator to be wired to a 15-amp circuit breaker, and the condensing unit to be wired to a dedicated 15-amp circuit breaker for 3000S and 4000S systems, a dedicated 20-amp circuit breaker for 6000S systems, and a dedicated 25-amp circuit breaker for 8000S systems
Important Notes: To activate your warranty, you must complete and return our Installation Checklist. External installations require our outdoor hood (sold separately). For exposure to environments below 40F, our compressor heater modification is required. For exposure to environments below 20F, our low ambient kit (which includes a compressor heater) is advisable. Access to the left and right side of the evaporator unit is required for installation. All split systems must be installed and charged on site by a qualified HVAC professional. Line-set equivalent feet must be calculated in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines; refer to our Line Sizing Chart for more information.

Capacity: Wine Cellars up to 600 cubic feet with proper insulation and a moisture barrier. More info...

Shipping: We charge a flat-rate of $145 to ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. via common carrier, strapped to a pallet, with curbside delivery.

RRP: $2,499.00

Our Price: $2,499.00

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  • Up to 600 Cu. Ft. Capacity (1/4 Ton Nominal)
  • Engineered to operate in interior and external environments
  • Ambient temperature operating range of 40°F to 110°F with standard configuration
  • For temperatures below 40°F, our compressor heater or low ambient kit is required
  • Schraeder Valve for Refrigerant Charge (R134A) and Superheat Adjustment
  • Multiple Knock-Outs and Access Points
  • Expansion Valve and Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (optional) come Factory Installed
  • Choice of Single or Dual Power Supplies for Evaporator and Condenser Units
  • Choice of Electronic or Valve Control for Condensing Unit
  • Evaporator and Condensing Unit are Factory Pressurized and Shipped with Dry Nitrogen
  • High-Performance Condensing Unit
  • Variable Speed Evaporator Fan for Super-Quiet Operation or Max Performance
  • Oversized Coated Evaporator Coils
  • Adjustable Humidity Control via Digital Display
  • 1/2" ID Drain Line
  • 53 Decibels at Low Fan Speed (Evaporator)
  • Electronic Thermostat, Digital LED Display and Audible/Visual Alarms
  • Auto-Defrost Cycle
  • Sight Glass and Liquid Line Filter/Drier
  • Oversized Receiver for Long Line Sets
  • Line-sets can run up to 100 equivalent feet (and up to 30 vertical feet)
  • Auto Reset High Pressure Switch
  • Compatible with a Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit
  • Optional Bottle Probe
  • Optional Outdoor Cover
  • ETL Tested and Certified (UL Standards)
  • Capacity:600
  • Size:16.6w x 12.6d x 22.1h (in)
  • Weight:81 lb
  • Power/Rating:115V AC / 60 Hz
    Condensing Unit Dimensions:
    - 42 lbs
    - 13.5w x 18.9d x 9.1h
    Evaporator Unit Dimensions (including brackets):
    - 40 lbs
    - 16.6w x 12.6d x 22.1h
    System Amps:
    - Startup: 28.2 Amps
    - Unit Amp Rating: 7.4 Amps (high fan speed)
    - Total Watts: 526 (med fan speed)
    BTUH @ 55F / Evaporator Decibels
    - Low Fan Speed: 2144 / 51 dbA
    - Med Fan Speed: 2398 / 55 dbA
    - High Fan Speed: 2491 / 63 dbA
    - 1/4 Ton Nominal
    Condensing Unit Decibels
    - Indoor: 64
    - Outdoor: 62
  • Warranty:2 Years (Entire System) / 5 Years (Compressor)

    To activate your warranty, you must complete and return our Installation Checklist.
  • SKU:3000S
  • UPC:noinfofound

Exceeded Our Expectations

We purchased our CellarPro 3000s split system about 2 years ago and its quality and performance has exceeded our expectations. Prior to the CellarPro, we used a thru-the wall unit(s) that never did the job adequately or consistent cooling. We have a small room (200 bottles) and waited about 10 years of continuous research before finding and purchasing the CellarPro 3000S. We live in south Florida, a humid sub-tropical climate and our AC subcontractor was able to install the unit, cleans/maintains the unit with our normal service. Because of my wife’s preference, we moved the compressor unit to the attic. We were skeptical that it would operate in attic temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for an extended summer period. The unit has operated without a problem.


South Florida