CellarPro Air Handlers

  • Integrated Humidifier
    CellarPro humidifiers are mounted to the rear of Air Handlers, to increase humidity levels in the wine cellar. Levels can be set on the digital controller from 5-70%.
  • Remote Display
    Our remote control kit allows the digital control panel to be installed in a remote location from the cooling units, perfect for units that need to be installed in hard-to-reach locations.
  • Bottle Probe
    This temperature sensor allows our wine cooling units to cycle on/off based on changes in liquid temperature inside the wine cellar.
  • Compressor Heater
    For AH6500/AH8500, our self-regulating compressor heater provides reliable peak heating during critical cold periods, protecting the compressor from damage in conditions below 40°F.
  • Low Ambient Temperature Kit
    For AH6500/AH8500, this kit allows units to operate in temperatures down to -20°F. It includes both the compressor heater, and a low ambient switch.
  • Low Ambient Fan Cycling & Head Pressure
    For AH12-AH60, this kit allows the condenser to operate in ambient temperatures down to -20°F.