CellarPro Split Systems

  • Outdoor Hood
    Heavy gauge metal hood and base, Available in all sizes, Required for outdoor installations, Can also be used with indoor installations, ETL tested and approved
  • Remote Display Control Kit
    Allows the control panel to be installed in a remote location inside or outside the cellar, Recommended when the evaporator is inaccessible, Wired to the cooling unit with low-voltage thermostat wiring, Includes a stainless-steel mounting plate
  • Compressor Heater
    Our factory-installed compressor heater is required when the rear of the cooling unit will be exposed to temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • CellarPro Bottle Probe
    Provides digital temperature control based on liquid or air temperature, Jack plugs directly into the face of the evaporator, Rubber bottle stopper fits most wine bottles; prevents spills and leaks, 10-ft cord allows maximum flexibility in placement of wine bottle, 25-ft and 50-ft extension cords are available if necessary
  • Split System Line Sets
    Various sizes designed to work with CellarPro Split refrigeration systems, 100% pre-fabricated for quick, efficient & economical field installation, Tested to be defect-free in accordance with ASTM E243, UL Recognized or listed
  • Refrigerant Heat Exchange
    Coaxial design for optimum heat transfer, Sizes to fit 1/3 to 80 H.P. capacity systems, 1/3 H.P. through 10 H.P. constructed with copper outer tube and red brass inner tube, 15 H.P. through 80 H.P. constructed with steel outer tube and stainless steel inner tube, Design working pressure 450 PSIG, Burst pressure 2250 PSIG