CellarPro VS Series

CellarPro Split systems are the most advanced refrigeration systems in the wine storage industry. By separating the evaporator and condensing unit, our split systems are designed to keep the noise and heat away from living areas, so the only sound you'll hear is the quiet hum from our variable-speed evaporator fans. CellarPro Split refrigeration systems can be configured for indoor or outdoor use, and are designed to handle extreme temperatures from minus 20 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. All CellarPro cooling systems are made in the USA and backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Cooling System Selection
To select the best cooling unit for your cellar, start by gathering the following information:

1. The cubic feet of the cellar,
2. The R-Value of the insulation inside the ceiling and walls,
3. The ambient temperature outside the cellar (during the warmest time of the year), and
4. The desired temperature inside the wine cellar

Using this information, find the "thermal load" of your wine cellar in the accompanying chart. For example, the thermal load of a 1000 cubic foot wine cellar at 55 degrees with R-12 insulation and 85 degree ambient temperatures is 3935 BTUH.

Then, select a cooling unit that will produce equal or greater BTUH than the thermal load. The BTUH produced by each cooling unit is listed at the top of the accompanying chart.

The cooling unit is designed to fit into an opening in the wall that is slightly larger than the cooling unit. Note that the cooling system is designed to fit in-between standard wall studs. In addition to the studs on either side, the top and bottom of the cooling unit should be supported by horizontal framing in the wall. The cooling unit can mounted at various depths, including flush with the wall inside the cellar, flush with the the wall outside the cellar, or anywhere in between.

Our factory-provided mounting brackets screw into the cooling unit and attach to the studs so that a shelf is not necessary below the cooling unit. The mounting brackets can be attached to the wall inside or outside the cellar, whichever is most convenient. Once the cooling system is installed, all gaps should be sealed with silicone caulk or adhesive tape to create an airtight seal around the cooling system.

Ventilation Requirements Rear
The rear of our VSi cooling units are designed to pull air from indoor spaces, and the rear of our VSx Series cooling units are designed to pull air from outdoor spaces. Then, as this air passes over the condenser coils, it picks up heat from the coils, and the cooling unit exhausts this air back into the ambient environment.

When venting indoors, the ambient environment must be large enough for the hot air exhaust to dissipate, otherwise the space may heat up and cause the cooling unit to recirculate its own hot air. A rule of thumb is that the indoor space should be the same size or larger that the cellar to ensure that the hot air will dissipate properly.

Optional Duct Kits
Optional Duct Kits We offer a rear duct kit that allows the air intake and/or exhaust to be ducted up to 50 equivalent feet per duct, for use when the indoor space isn’t large enough to properly dissipate the cooling unit's hot air exhaust. Using the duct kit, another option is to install the cooling unit entirely inside the wine cellar, while ducting the rear intake and exhaust to a remote location outside the cellar.

We also offer a front duct kit that allows the cold air intake and exhaust from the front of the cooling unit to be ducted up to 50 equivalent feet per duct, for use when the cooling unit will be located entirely outside the cellar. When using the front-duct kit, both the intake and exhaust ducts should be located near the top or in the ceiling of the wine cellar. We also recommend using our optional bottle probe and remote control display in conjunction with our front duct kit.

Other Modifications and Accessories

Our factory-installed compressor heaters will allow the rear of the cooling unit to operate in temperatures down to 20 degrees.

We offer a factory-installed remote display that allows the control panel to be located away from the cooling system, either inside or outside the wine cellar, and connected via 18-gauge thermostat wiring.

We offer a bottle probe that allows the cooling unit to be controlled by changes in liquid inside the cellar. As mentioned earlier, the bottle probe and the remote control display are recommended to be used in conjunction with our front duct kit.

We also offer a reusable aluminium filter for our VSi Series cooling units. Please note that these filters are included standard with our outdoor VSx Series. We also offer a louvered grill, available in a choice of woods and finishes to match the racking in your wine cellar, to hide the cooling unit.