CellarPro Mounting Clips 1800 2-Pk #1092-R

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Mount to the front of CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units and are bolted to the ceiling inside the wine cellar. This is a retrofit item, and not for factory installation.


CellarPro Mounting Clips 1800 2-Pk (P/N 1092-R). Two mounting clips can attach anywhere along the front of CellarPro 1800 cooling units and offer predrilled slots for bolting to the ceiling of the wine cellar. Framing is required in or above the ceiling.


  • Includes 2 mounting clips for to be used with CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units
  • Easily clips into the front/top edge of the cooling unit
  • Includes a pre-drilled slot for bolting to the ceiling
  • Requires framing in the ceiling to support the weight of the cooling unit


Specs & Resources

Size: 1.5w x 2d x 3/8h

Weight: 0.1 lbs

Work as expected


They work great for what they are, but the price is rather high. It would be nice if they were included with the cooling units. Easy to install and they hold the cooling unit in place as expect.

Worked great but agree they should have been included.


I discovered that they weren’t included which delayed my installation a week while I waited for them to be mailed. Did not see that they were extra when ordering. Website should be configured to ask you if you need them when you’re checking out because it wasn’t obvious or better yet, just include them. Seriously, they couldn’t impact your bottom line that much! I’m deducting a star because of this. The clips themselves work great and like somebody else noted, I too used washers to make sure the screws did not slip through the holes.



I have two cellars from CellarPro and needed a set of these clips to replace one unit. CellarPro was nice enough to send me a set after purchasing the replacement cooler. Worked great as usual

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They don't look impressive at first, but do the job perfect!

The clips work as expected


I had no issue with installing the clips on the front of the CellarPro. I agree that they will not easily support the full weight of the unit until they are bolted down, so plan to support the unit during installation. I also used washers to spread the load over a greater area of the clips. As noted in another review I have published, the combination of the clip configuration and the front grill of the CellarPro made sealing the unit a bit of a challenge. But in the end, they worked as expected. I agree, they should be part of the package....