CellarPro P2 Alarm

If your CellarPro cooling unit is flashing a "P2" alarm, do the following:

  • On the control panel, press and hold the "SET" and "DOWN ARROW" buttons together for 3 seconds.
  • Release when the display starts blinking.
  • Press and hold (again) the "SET" and "DOWN ARROW" buttons together for 7 seconds (the screen will flash again).
  • Using the "UP ARROW" or "DOWN ARROW" button, scroll through the parameters until "P2P" is displayed.
  • Press "SET", then press the "UP ARROW" button to change from "y" to "n"
  • Press the "SET" button to confirm the setting
  • The temperature will return on the display after a few seconds

If the P2 alarm continues to be triggered, contact us at 1.877.726.8496 for further assistance

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