CellarPro VS Series

CellarPro VS Series
› Maximum Cooling Power
› Dual Centrifugal Fans for
  High-Output, Super-Quiet Operation

› Electronic Thermostat and
  Digital Display

› Adjustable Humidity Control
› High-Output Compressor
› Precision Expansion Valves
› Oversized Electrofin Coated Coils
› Maximum Protection Against
  Excess Condensation

› Auto-Defrost
› 15-Amp Circuit with Front or Rear Power
› Built, Tested, and Certified in the USA
› Best Warranty, Serviceable in the Field

CellarPro VS Series Cooling Unit Features

Maximum Cooling Power
CellarPro VSi and VSx cooling units are designed to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions in extreme environments up to 115 degrees.

Dual Centrifugal Fans for High-Output, Super-Quiet Operation
Using high-output, variable-speed fans, CellarPro VS Series cooling systems are among the quietest in the industry. Our fan settings include "high" for maximum performance in high-temperature environments and/or ducted applications, "medium" for normal loads, and "low" for super-quiet operation in smaller cellars and/or when temperatures cool down.

Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
Our advanced control panel offers digital display, audible and visual alarms, multiple programming options and parameters, and built-in auto-defrost cycle.

Adjustable Humidity Control
Only CellarPro cooling units provide adjustable humidity control, allowing the user to adjust the amount of condensation that is recycled into the wine cellar.

High-Output Compressor
Our high-output compressors are sized to maximize cooling power and operate above the dew point to maintain high humidity conditions inside the wine cellar.

Precision Expansion Valves
All of our cooling units use precision expansion valves, rather than cheap capillary tubes, to provide precise metering of refrigerant for maximum cooling capacity under variable load conditions.

Oversized Electrofin Coated Coils
Our evaporator coils are oversized and protected by an Electrofin coating to provide long-lasting, commercial-grade protection from external pollutants and acidity. We also coat the condenser coils in our VSx units, to provide additional protection from exposure to external environments.

Maximum Protection Against Excess Condensation
Our VS Series cooling units include thermostat-modulated 200-watt condensate evaporators with "On/Off" Control, as well as stainless steel drain pans and substantial 1/2-inch drain lines for maximum protection against excess condensation.

CellarPro cooling units are programmed with auto-defrost cycles to minimize ice build-up and maintain the cooling unit's maximum operating efficiency.

15-Amp Circuit with Front or Rear Power
Our VS Series cooling units require a dedicated 15-Amp Circuit and can be powered from the front or rear with an adaptable power cord.

Built, Tested, and Certified in the USA
CellarPro VS Series cooling units are made in the USA with premium components from American and European suppliers, and are tested, approved and certified by ETL, a worldwide independent testing lab, to meet rigorous UL product safety standards.

Best Warranty, Serviceable in the Field
CellarPro VS Series cooling units are piped with Schraeder valves and fastened with with screws, not rivets, so that they can be serviced in the field. With two years of coverage on the entire cooling system and five years on the compressor, our VS Series cooling units are backed by the best warranty in the industry. Extended warranty coverage is available.