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1800 Series Drain Line Modification Retrofit

The kit you have received will allow you to modify your CellarPro 1800 unit and add a condensate drain line. The Wine Cellar Modification provides a fitting and condensate tube at the back of the cooling unit to relieve excess moisture that may condense inside the cooling unit. For installations in warm environments and / or cellars without airtight seals, we strongly recommend this modification. However, the modification does not replace the requirement for a cellar to have proper insulation, moisture barriers and airtight seals from the environment outside the cellar.

Steps for the retrofit:

  1. Remove the plastic plug on the lower left side of the rear of the unit.
  2. With the tap, cut threads in the metal as follows:
    • Put the tap into a tap wrench and tighten it.
    • Put the tap into the opening and turn it clockwise several turns. Check to make sure it is straight and level.
    • Continue turning until the tap goes through the hole.
  3. Screw the condensate fitting into the opening, using caulk or Teflon tape. Do not overtighten.
  4. Attach the drain line.
    • The tube must have a trap that is slightly filled with water (shown below). The drain line should drop, then rise (but stay below the height of the fitting), and then drop again into a drain or bucket. Then, fill the trap with water.
    • The condensate trap will allow any excess moisture inside the cooling unit to overcome the static pressure and flow out of the drain line.

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