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CellarPro Cooling Systems. Control the Elements.

We couldn't find a wine cooler to meet our standards—so we built one to set a new standard.

As avid wine lovers and owners of Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets, we were frustrated by the shortcomings and limitations of existing wine cooling units. So, we decided to create better refrigeration systems.

Hoping to improve the performance of the refrigeration systems in our own wine cabinets, we started by upgrading the components and adding new features. However, we wanted to develop units that would truly stand out from the rest.

We invested nearly a year in designing, building, and testing our first CellarPro wine cooling unit. With the finest materials, advanced engineering, and proud American craftsmanship, we developed our first cooling systems in 2008—and never looked back.

Now we're proud to offer a complete line of refrigeration systems for wine cellars of all sizes.

The rewards of our research and development are clear. Testing data empirically shows that CellarPro wine cooling units outperform the competition on every level: temperature control, humidity levels, consistency, and quietness.

All CellarPro wine cooling units are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Petaluma, California. And, before leaving our factory, every unit is inspected and bench-tested—no exceptions. If you're in Sonoma, stop by and watch our team build the finest wine cooling systems in the world.

Each wine cooling unit is backed by the best and longest warranty in the industry, covering parts and repair on most units for up to 5 years.

We support our customers with a commitment to helpful, efficient service. If you have any questions, either before or after purchase, don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 1.877.726.8496 or to contact us by email. Our direct dial number is 707.794.8000.

If you're uncertain which unit suits your needs, we'll calculate your thermal load from a few pieces of key information about your cellar. You can also find troubleshooting resources for common unit issues online.

Thank you for your interest in CellarPro Cooling Systems.

We've put together some basic resources to guide you through the process of choosing a cooling unit and building a cellar.

You need this number to choose the right cooling unit. We'll figure it out for you.

To contact our support team, email us or call 877.726.8496.