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Our poly-coated filter and metal filter frame are designed to fit snugly over the condenser coils on all CellarPro 1800 and 2000VSi Series cooling units.


CellarPro Filter + Frame Kit 1800/2000 (P/N 1368). Imagine - no more coils to clean! Our filter frame has magnets to hold the filter snugly in place, thereby trapping dust and particles before they gum up the condenser coils.

When the filter becomes dirty, simply pull out the frame, replace the dirty filter with a clean one, and return the frame to the cooling unit. The fiber orientation and graduated density of this filter are designed to capture more dust and particles than other synthetic filters. The media is bonded with a fire retardent resin, and meets UL Class 2 flame retardance requirements.

If you already have the 1800 or 2000VSi Series magnetized filter frame, you don't need to purchase this item. Instead, reuse the frame and replace the filter with our Filter Replacement 2-Pack.

Clean coils and filters ensure that the cooling units operate at peak performance.

Additional replacement filters sold separately.


  • Metal frame made from brushed aluminum
  • Magnets hold the frame snugly in place
  • Filter is made from 100% non-woven polyester
  • Graduated density
  • Contains no adhesives
  • White on air entry side / blue on air exit side
  • High-performance
  • Flame retardant
  • Compatible with 1800 Series and 2000VSi cooling units

Specs & Resources

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 13w x 9h x 1d (in)

Weight: 1 lbs

30 Days

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Great product

by -

Super easy to install. Magnetic attachment makes it a 1 second job. Haven’t changed the filter yet but that also looks very simple.

Dirty coils

by -

Started with Cellarpro in 2006. Didn’t have a filter at that time. Unit told me that there was a problem probably related to coils being dirty. I called and got info on the problem and was pleased with the service. Technician can and removed and cleaned my unit. Problem was fan shaft needed oiling and coils needed cleaning. I then ordered a filter and it was very simple to install. Tech support from the office was great.

Happy to Have A Filtration Accessory For My New CellarPro Unit

by -

Glad I found this accessory. Super easy install after my new cooling unit was fully installed in my cabinet. Always thought having a filter like this would improve the efficiency and add years to the unit’s life. I installed it same week that our home’s AC units are serviced by our HVAC provider (every 6 mos) so easy to remember when to change out this filter too. Nice addition!

Works great

by -

worked great!

Easier than the alternative

by -

Small accessory to add to my wine fridge, but it's always the small things that can lead to disaster, so it is nice to ensure my unit is running as efficiently as possible. Based on the location of my unit, it is a lot easier to remove this than trying to vacuum grill grates.

Won't work with Ducting Modification


If your order the venting system don't order this - they are not compatible. It's a nice and easy set up for just the cooling unit. I've attached it to the old unit I had that wasn't ducted. Very easy to install it just sticks to the back and appears to be sturdy and efficient<br><br><b>Reply from IWA</b><br>Randy the filter definitely is compatible - give us a call and we'll be glad to explain - the removable plate on the side of the hood is designed for inserting and removing the filter easily...

Helps keep the cooler clean


Definitely a nice addition so that you don't have to try to get a vacuum in a normally difficult to reach location and something like this would have definitely saved my last unit. Bought it this time for the replacement unit. It magnetically attaches to the back so it makes changing simple.

Simple Preventative Maintenance


I put the filter on my 1800QT and it fit as expected. The magnets hold it securely in place and well worth the money and ten seconds it took to install the keep all those little coils clean.

No more vacuuming


I purchased this with my CellarPro unit and I was the best thing I could do. No need to vacuum in tight spaces you just remove the frame and replace the filter. Thanks to who ever thought of it. Great idea.

Beats a vacuum


The magnetic filter frame is the best idea since sliced bread. So much easier to change a filter than vacuum the coils. This will actually get done.



Good design and easy to install

New Option

by -

This is my third Cellar Pro and the first time I've had the option of an external vent - makes it so easy to replace the filter and prolong the life of the unit. Each of my Cellar Pro units has improved in quality and I'm thrilled with their advances.

CellarPro Customer Service


I had a unique request about covering an exhaust vent. The representative researched the question and promptly replied after conferring with an engineer. His quick response was appreciated.

CellarPro Filter + Frame Kit

by -


Easy to attach


I like how easy it was to attach !

It works


The frame fits perfect. I like the fact that it mounts with magic.

Great idea to simplify cleaning.


This is a great addition to the chiller to make cleaning a snap. The frame fits perfectly over the inlet via magnets. Easy installation and makes the cleaning so much easier.

Perfect fit


A perfect fit and does the job.

Nice to get extra protection for the chiller unit


Great idea for protecting the chiller unit. Fits perfect! Just buy and use it!

Filter Kit


Dust is not a big issue in my location but I still vacuum the unit periodically. This kit "snapped" right in and covered everything perfectly. I bought two more filters and will have to see how long it is before I need to change it.

Just get it


Why buy a brand new, expensive cooling unit and let it pull in dusty dirty air? Easy to install magnetically, and to my surprise, does not seem to impair the cfm at all, air goes right through it as it if it wasn't there.

CellarPro Air Filter

by -

Great product, easy to use.

Why didn't someone else think of this?


Knowing that I can now skip my quarterly maintenance of dragging the vacuum over to clean out my old Breezeaire (which this unit replaced), having this quick and easy filter system is a real bonus. The magnets worked great in my installation - no problem with keeping things attached, and the fit was perfect.

Works perfectly.


Very easy to install and fits perfectly. No attachment issues.

Great addition but magnets need improvment

by -

The filter system fits perfectly, but the magnets don't keep the filter affixed all the time. The size and coverage is perfect, but had to use a little duck tape to make sure filter stays in place.