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4200VS Sound Performance

CellarPro 4200VSi-ECX, WhisperKool 4200XLT, WhisperKool Extreme 4000, Breezaire WKE4000, Wine Guardian TTW009 and TTW018


CellarPro's 4200VSi-ECX cooling units with energy-efficient EC variable-speed fans are significantly quieter than WhisperKool's 4200XLT, WhisperKool's Extreme 4000, Breezaire's WKE4000 and Wine Guardian's TTW009 and TTW018 cooling units. The decibel readings for the CellarPro, WhisperKool 4200XLT and Breezaire wine cooling units were measured in identical conditions while the fans and compressor were cycled "on". The decibel measurement for WhisperKool's Extreme 4000 was provided by Vinotheque. The decibel measurements for Wine Guardian's TTW 009 and TTW 018 were provided by Wine Guardian.

Test Conditions:

  • All wine cooling units (except for WhisperKool's Extreme 4000 and both Wine Guardian units) were installed and tested in the same test wine cellar.
  • The decibel measurements were recorded three feet from the wine cooling unit and six feet above the floor.
  • WhisperKool's Extreme 4000 measured 68 decibels three feet in front of the cooling unit (per Vinotheque).
  • Wine Guardian's TTW 009 and TTW 018 measured 59.5 and 61 decibels, respectiively, three feet in front of the cooling units (per Wine Guardian).
  • CellarPro 4200VS systems use energy-efficient EC fans, resulting in energy savings of almost $200* annually as compared to the same unit with AC fans (*assumes 75% runtime and $0.15/kwH)
  • CellarPro's 4200VSi-ECX offers three variable-speed fan settings - Low, Medium and High - to meet variable cooling needs and ambient conditions. Decibel measurements were recorded at all three fan settings and displayed in the above chart.
  • Neither WhisperKool, Breezaire nor Wine Guardian offer variable-speed fan control.

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