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Adjustable Humidity Case Study


CellarPro's cooling system was tested with the adjustable humidity setting at 0, 2 and 4 over the course of 72 hours. As illustrated above, the average relative humidity inside the wine cellar increased when we increased the adjustable humidity setting. (Actual results may vary.)

Test Conditions:

  • The cooling unit was tested in a Le Cache Model 2400 wine cabinet for 72 hours
  • The wine cabinet was located in an enclosed, climate-controlled test room
  • The wine cabinet was filled with 208 bottles (73% capacity)
  • The temperature setting was 55°F / +4°F for the entire test period
  • The temperature measurements were taken at the bottom of the wine cabinet
  • On Day 1, CellarPro's humidity was set to "0"
  • On Day 2, CellarPro's humidity was set to "2"
  • On Day 3, CellarPro's humidity was set to "4"

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