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1800XT 220V: Sizing Table - Wine Cellars 2.83-8.5 cu meters

Cooling Unit Output

1800XT-220V @ 50Hz
13°C 1:1253 BTUH
15°C 1:1373 BTUH
Decibels 49.5

1800XT-220V @ 60Hz
13°C:1446 BTUH
15°C:1558 BTUH
Decibels 49.5

Cellar Size

 Thermal Load (BTUH)
13°C Cellar Temp15°C Cellar Temp
R12 R19 R12 R19


Cubic Meters

24°C1068 979 940 862


Cubic Meters



Cubic Meters


The table is shaded to show which cooling units will work at 13°C and 15°C under various thermal loads. The thermal loads are derived from assumptions about the size of the cellar; the R-value in the six cellar surfaces (ie walls, floor and ceiling) and the ambient temperature outside the cellar.

These guidelines are designed to assist you in selecting the appropriate CellarPro wine cooling unit for your wine cellar:

CellarPro Model

Cubic Meters of Cellar


1800XT-220V @ 50Hz

Up to 5.7

Cool environment with proper insulation

1800XT-220V @ 60Hz

Up to 8.5

Warm environments (up to 35°C) with proper insulation

We provide the estimated thermal loads for various-size wine cellars at 13°C and 15°C and across a range of ambient temperatures and with different R-Values to help you select the appropriate CellarPro wine cooling unit for your cellar.

The thermal loads above are calculated based on the R-Values shown for all walls and ceiling, and a concrete floor. Lower R-Values in the cellar (eg from glass doors or walls) will increase the thermal load on the wine cellar. To be certain that the thermal load won't exceed the capacity of the cooling unit, email your wine cellar specifications to us and we'll be glad to assist you.

Cells shaded blue indicate loads that exceed the capacity of the cooling units shown in this table.