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Guidelines for Using Backup Power Generators with CellarPro

Customers frequently ask for guidance when choosing a backup generator, wanting to make sure that the generator will be compatible with the cooling unit without damaging its internal components.

The backup power generator must have the capacity to maintain voltage within the required limits, even with the high in-rush when the compressor turns on. Typically the supply voltage drops when a unit is starting, and with generators the risk is high, especially if the cooling unit is not on a dedicated backup generator.

Although we cannot make specific recommendations for which type of power generator to use, it should be selected based on the CellarPro load and voltage requirements, as specified below.

  1. Determine unit power supply Volts / Hertz
  2. Determine unit power consumption kW (found in the Monthly Operating Cost tables)
  3. Determine unit inrush current LRA (can be found in Specs and Resources under the specific model)
  4. Provide this information to the manufacturer of the Backup Power Generator for verification on what size generator is required to handle the total kW and LRA while maintaining the power supply voltage +/-5%

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