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Air Handler Sound Performance

CellarPro Air Handler AH6500, Wine Guardian 1/2 Ton D050


CellarPro's Air Handler AH6500 ducted cooling system with variable-speed fans is significantly quieter AND more powerful than Wine Guardian's comparable 1/2 Ton D050 ducted cooling system. CellarPro offers variable-speed fans on both the cold (evaporator) side AND the hot (condenser) side, providing maximum flexibility to optimize the cooling unit for power, noise and length of ducting. The decibel readings for the CellarPro and Wine Guardian cooling units were measured in identical conditions, while ducted, with the fans and compressor cycled "on".

Test Conditions:

  • Both wine cooling units were installed and tested in the same test wine cellar
  • Both cooling systems were ducted
  • The decibel measurements were recorded three feet from the wine cooling unit and six feet above the floor.
  • CellarPro's AH6500 Air Handler offers three variable-speed settings - Low, Medium and High - that can be tailored to balance cooling needs, ambient conditions, length of ducting and desired noise levels. Decibel measurements were recorded at all three fan settings and displayed in the above chart.
  • Wine Guardian ducted systems do not offer variable-speed fan control.

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