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CellarPro Cooling Unit is Dripping

CellarPro cooling units don't create water! If your wine cooling unit is dripping, the water is excess condensate which can only be caused by a leak in the wine cellar, which is allowing large amounts and/or a continuous flow of warmer, moister air to infiltrate the cellar from the outside environment. When this happens, do the following:

  1. Find and close any/all air leaks in the wine cellar. The cellar should have been constructed with a moisture barrier around all walls, ceiling and floor, and therefore should be sealed airtight from the ambient environment. Common causes of air leaks include door(s), lights, etc. that require additional treatment.
  2. Frequent opening and closing of the door will allow warm, moist air to enter the cellar, and may lead to excess condensation. Try to limit the amount of time that the cellar door is open during humid conditions.
  3. Raise the Minimum Set Point of the cooling unit to 58 degrees or above.
  4. Check the seal at the top of the cabinet to make sure there aren't any gaps where air could infiltrate into the cabinet.
  5. 5. Use our foam weatherstripping on the center metal strip (where the doors come together when closed) to insulate the exposed metal and prevent condensation on the metal strip and dripping on the floor.

If your wine cooling unit continues to drip, please give us a call at 1.877.726.8496 for further assistance.

We've put together some basic resources to guide you through the process of choosing a cooling unit and building a cellar.

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