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Allows CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units to be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per duct) using 6-inch ducting (included) from start to finish (ducting must not be reduced).


CellarPro 1800 Duct Kit (Rear) with Inline Fan Factory Installed (P/N 1439). This kit includes:

  • 6-inch inline fan (120 CFM)
  • 50 feet (2x25 feet) of 6-inch insulated ducting (R-6)
  • Galvanized metal duct hood slides over the rear of the cooling unit and baffles the air intake and exhaust
  • 8-foot power line provides switched power for the inline fan to match the on/off cycle of the wine cooling unit

The duct hood is designed with an easy-access panel to replace the air filter (sold separately), and openings for the drain line and power cord.


  • Inline fan (3000RPM, 120 CFM) has a permanently lubricated, impedance protected motor
  • Heavy gauge plated steel brackets
  • Switched power to match the cooling unit
  • 50 feet of 6-inch insulated ducting (R-6)
  • Designed to fit over the rear of all CellarPro 1800 wine cooling units
  • Includes an easy-access panel to replace air filters (sold separately)
  • Grommet openings for the drain line and power cord



Specs & Resources

Brand: CellarPro

UPC: 077757014390

Size: 18 1/4w x 6 3/4d x 10 1/4h (in)

Weight: 30 lbs

115V, 60 Hz, 0.6 amps (Inline Fan)

Capacity: 100 Equivalent Feet

Warranty: 1 Year

The depth of the hood includes 2 1/4 (in) for the 6-inch dia. duct adapters. The hood is designed to slide over the rear of the cooling unit, and will overlap the cooling unit by approximately 1-2 (in). Click on one of the following links for more information:

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

My old Cellar Pro finally quit after many years...


Decided to replace with the same unit. Very easy to install. They even sent new ducting so I could start out with everything I needed and did not have to buy anything additional. The unit is quieter than the original one also! Worked beautifully straight out of the box. Would buy again.

Replacing the prior CellarPro 1800


Decided to duct the hot air out of the garage where my Redneck Wine Closet is. I wish you could just buy the parts you need versus this kit. I now have two 25' rolls of insulated ducting I need to get rid of. The kit works well as I mentioned before it would be nice to be able to duct just the hot air side. I wrapped insulation around the exit pipes and the fan is very quiet - quieter than the unit running. I only had to run the ducting about three feet. Also if you add the ducting system the air filter they offer will not work. Very easy to install if you are fairly handy.

Reply from CellarPro
Randy actually we DO offer this kit without ducting - it's item #7409 - we're sorry that you missed it when you placed your order.

Very noisy!


I bought the ducting kit with my 1800XTS. It fit and was assembled rather easily. To me the instructions were fairly clear, and everything fit together quite easily. I have been using it for a year, and it has not caused any troubles and the remote fan runs every time the cooling unit turns on. It appears to function well, as it frequently pushes hot air out, and I can definitely feel the suction on the intake. But...

The remote fan on the ducting unit makes a LOT of noise! The XTS is the noisiest unit in the lineup I believe, and I have it behind just a pane of glass in the wine cellar. When I am standing inches away from the glass with the unit running, the noise of the remote fan, which is behind 2 walls about 12 feet away handily beats the noise of the cooling unit. I emailed customer support about it, while they were attentive to the situation, they did not offer much of an actionable solution. Not sure what they could do, other than send me a fan that makes less noise.

duct-kit-1800 review

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It works well. However, the installation instructions were not very useful. A couple of telephone calls to customer service did the trick