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Change Split System from Electronic to Valve Control

If your cooling unit was configured for Electronic Control, it requires a single power source to the Evaporator, and a power line connecting the Evaporator to the Condensing Unit. If your system is configured for Electronic Control but the Condensing Unit has a separate power source and no wiring connects the Evaporator and Condensing Unit, the Condensing Unit will run nonstop even when the Evaporator turns off. This will cause ice buildup in the evaporator, as well as low temperature readings on digital display.

A system ordered with Electronic Control can be converted to Valve Control in the field as follows:

  1. All CellarPro split system condensing units have a low pressure switch installed standard, which makes is possible to convert a system ordered with Electronic Control to Valve Control in the field.
  2. When converting to Valve Control, it is necessary to install a liquid line solenoid valve (LLVS). Once this is done, the temperature controller will energize/de-energize the LLSV, and the low pressure switch will control the operation of the condensing unit.
  3. Purchase a liquid line solenoid valve from a local wholesaler or from CellarPro. The connection size on the valve should be the same size as the liquid line, with a 115V holding coil.
  4. Install the LLSV into the liquid line inside the cooling unit. The recommended installation location is in the liquid line inside the evaporator. The flow arrow must be pointing to the evaporator. If it is not practical to mount inside the evaporator, locate the LLSV in the liquid line as close as possible to the evaporator, not to exceed 5 feet from the evaporator.
  5. Once the LLSV is brazed in place, install the solenoid holding coil onto the valve and electrically connect to terminals "3" and "5" on the terminal block inside the left end compartment of the evaporator.
  6. Reference the Valve Control wiring diagrams in the Owners Manual to verify the field wiring points are correct. It is recommended that a note be added to the wiring stickers located inside the evaporator end compartment and the condensing unit electrical cover to indicate the system has been revised to Valve Control wiring.
  7. Follow the normal installation instructions for evacuating, charging, and starting the system.

The wiring diagrams for cooling units can be found in the Owner's Manual, and also can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

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