CellarPro Runs Constantly (HA Alarm)

The cooling capacity of the cooling unit depends on the thermal load on the wine cellar, and the resulting BTU that is required to cool and maintain the cellar at the desired temperature. Our cooling capacities were calculated based on the following assumptions:

  • Wine Cabinets: R-12 Insulation and up to 95F degrees ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature outside your cellar is higher than 85 degrees, you will need more insulation and/or additional cooling capacity from a more powerful unit. For a given size wine cabinet, refer to the following chart for more information: Wine Cabinet Cooling Capacity
  • Wine Cellars: R-19 Insulation on all walls & ceiling, and 85F degrees outside the cellar, plus proper construction of an airtight wine cellar with a vapor barrier. The temperature setpoint and infiltration of moisture will affect the cooling capacity of the cooling unit.

CellarPro wine cooling units are designed to turn on when the air temperature in the cellar rises above the Minimum Set Point + Temperature Differential, and turn off when the air temperature falls below the Minimum Set Point. For example, if the Minimum Set Point is 58F and the Temperature Differential is 4F, the cooling unit will turn on above 62F and turn off below 58F.

When bottles are first loaded in the cellar, the cooling unit will run continuously (even up to a week) until the temperature inside the cellar falls below the Set Point.

Hot weather conditions, insufficient insulation, inadequate ventilation, lack of a vapor barrier, mis-sized cooling units, external sources of load and/or dirty condenser coils can all cause the cooling unit to run continuously.

If your CellarPro wine cooling unit runs constantly or is getting an HA Alarm, try the following:

  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Make sure that the all fans are operating properly
  • Check the ambient temperature in the space outside the condenser coils while the cooling unit is running
  • Increase the supply of cool air to the space outside the condenser coils, using a fan, ducting or an exhaust system to remove heat from the space
  • Make sure that the cooling unit is NOT in Energy-Saver Mode
  • Make sure that the HY setting is at 4 (using no probe, or a bottle prove to measure air temps) or 1 (using a bottle probe in liquid)
  • Confirm that the cooling unit is sized appropriately for the space it is trying to cool by filling out our thermal load questionnaire
  • Turn off or remove any sources of heat load (eg wine coolers, steam humidifiers, certain lighting, etc)
  • Check to see if the cooling unit is producing a lot of moisture

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