CellarPro LA2 Alarm

This LA2 alarm indicates that the temperature of the return air at the condenser coils (outside the cellar, at the rear of the cooling unit) has dropped below the alarm temperature setting.

If your unit does not have a compressor heater, damage may occur to the compressor if temperatures drop below 40°F and the compressor is not configured with a compressor heater.

If it is possible to warm the intake air at the rear of the cooling unit so that it is 40F or above, that would be ideal. If your system is ducted and the intake air comes from non-conditioned or outdoor space, perhaps it is possible to source the intake air from conditioned space instead. Another option would be to turn off your unit until temperatures rise above 40F. If you have a VS Series cooling unit, you also can turn "on" your condensate evaporator (using the red toggle switch) to generate a little bit of heat inside the cooling unit.

If none of these alternatives are viable, we recommend purchasing a retrofit compressor heater to protect the compressor inside your cooling unit.

Retrofitting a compressor heater is relatively easy to do with all but the 1800 Series cooling units. Please note that the cooling unit's case cover will need to be removed in order to install the compressor heater. The retrofit compressor heater can be purchased at the following link:

  • For VS Series Cooling Units: Retrofit Compressor Heater for VS Series
  • For Split Series Cooling Units: Retrofit Compressor Heater for Split Series
  • For AH Series Cooling Units, Retrofit Compressor Heater for Air Handler Series
  • For 1800 Series cooling units, you will need to return your cooling unit to the factory, where we will retrofit the compressor heater for you. The cost to retrofit the compressor heater is $215 plus shipping. If you'd like to return your unit, contact us stating your intention. After speaking with one of our customer advocates and confirming the return, send your unit to the following address:

    CellarPro Cooling Systems
    Attn: Returns / Repairs
    1445 N. McDowell Blvd.
    Petaluma, CA 94954

Please call us at 707.794.8000 if you have any questions.

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