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VS Low Ambient Fan Cycling Control Installation Instructions

  1. Low Ambient Fan Cycling Control wire identification:
  2. Disconnect all power from unit.
  3. The unit housing is assembled using #2 Phillips head screws.
  4. For units with a front grill: remove screws holding front grill. Pull the selector knob off of the fanspeed control and remove the grill.
  5. For units with a front duct hood kit, remove both top and bottom duct hoods.
  6. Remove wall mounting brackets and outdoor cover if applicable.
  7. Remove top cover. Lift the cover up to remove from unit.
  8. Remove all foil tape blue insulating foam from the condenser side (rear half) of the unit.
  9. Locate the discharge line 1/4" access valve and remove the threaded cap.
  10. Install the Fan Cycling Control as shown:
  11. Click here for pdf of detailed wiring instructions.
  12. When wiring is complete and control function is verified, replace all insulating foam and seal all seams with foil tape.
  13. Replace housing sheet metal and put unit into service.

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