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3000S Mini Split Sound Performance

CellarPro Mini Split 3000S, WhisperKool Mini Split


At the low fan speed, CellarPro's Mini Split 3000S wine cellar refrigeration system is similarly quiet and 64%* more powerful than WhisperKool's Mini Split. With variable-speed fans in the evaporator unit, CellarPro's Mini Split 3000S offers additional BTUH at the medium and high fan speeds, when hot conditions require extra cooling power.

Test Conditions:

  • CellarPro decibel measurements were recorded three feet from the wine cooling unit.
  • CellarPro's Mini Split 3000S offers three variable-speed settings - Low, Medium and High - to meet variable cooling needs and ambient conditions. Decibel measurements were recorded at all three fan settings and displayed in the above chart.
  • WhisperKool's decibel measurements were derived from www.whisperkool.com.

*This calculation is based on the compressors' BTUH published ratings, which are 3170 and 1930 for CellarPro's Mini Split 3000S (Danfoss: HCG0025R6ELQSB) and WhisperKool's Mini Split (Emerson: M2FH-0020-IAA-140), respectively.

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