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Monthly Operating Cost—CellarPro 4200 ECX Series Wine Cooling Units

Kwh Rate1

Average Compressor
Run Time (2)




30 Minutes / Hour

$10.40 $20.80 $31.20 $41.60

40 Minutes / Hour

$13.87 $27.73 $41.60 $55.47

50 Minutes / Hour

$17.33 $34.67 $52.00 $69.34


  • The cooling unit's fans are set at the "medium" speed and the heating element is "off". At these settings, the cooling unit uses approximately 570 watts when the compressor and fans are "on".
  • The the cooling unit uses 539 watts at the "low" fan speed and 627 watts at the "high" fan speed.
  • The heating element adds 100-200 watts when "on", depending on the amount of time that the heater is engaged. The better the wine cellar is sealed, the less condensation you'll have, and the less the heater will be "on".
  • When the compressor is "off", the cooling unit uses 15 watts.
  • An average of 30 days in a month.

(1) The Kwh rate can be found on your electric utility provider's bill.

(2) Estimated run time in a given hour is over a 24-hour period. The amount of run time will depend on a number of factors, including the temperature set point, the temperature in the ambient environment outside the wine cellar, ample ventilation, and proper maintenance of the wine cooling unit.