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Out-Of-Warranty Instructions

Thank you for contacting us about your CellarPro Cooling Unit. We are sorry that your unit has failed and needs to be replaced.

At this time, your cooling unit is beyond our 5-year warranty period. The good news is that we have made many upgrades and advancements to the components inside our cooling units since your original purchase.

To move forward, you have several options:

  • You can replace your unit with a new CellarPro cooling unit that will come with another 5 years of warranty coverage. These units also include free shipping within the continental US.
  • You can replace your unit with a refurbished CellarPro unit for approximately half the price of a new unit. The warranty is 1 year on refurbished units. Shipping is as quoted via FedEx.
  • You may return your unit to us for a free diagnosis and repair. Generally, the cost to repair the unit - assuming that it has a leak in the coils or hot gas loop - is approximately $400-$500. The repairs would be warrantied for 1 year, and shipping is as quoted by FedEx.

To return your unit to us, please ship to:

CellarPro Cooling Systems
Attn: Repairs
1445 N. McDowell Blvd.
Petaluma, CA 94954

Please make sure to ship the unit UPRIGHT, with sufficient cushion to protect the unit during transit. Also, make sure to INSURE the package in case of freight damage during transit. Finally, make sure to write the CASE NUMBER on the outside of the box.

If you would like to discuss these alternatives, have any questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact us during normal business hours or reply to this email at your convenience.

We've put together some basic resources to guide you through the process of choosing a cooling unit and building a cellar.

You need this number to choose the right cooling unit. We'll figure it out for you.

To contact our support team, email us or call 877.726.8496.