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Icing can be caused by one of several conditions, all of which indicate an issue that must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

The first step is to note where the ice is occurring on the face of the cooling unit. Once noted (ie the lower third? the entire face?) the second step is to turn the unit off and defrost all of the ice. After all of the ice is defrosted, the cause of the icing can be diagnosed and addressed, as summarized below:

  • Check the Bottle Probe. If you're using a bottle probe, it may be causing icing up for any of the following reasons:
    • The probe may be in a location that doesn't register a representative temperature reading, and therefore is telling the cooling unit to run nonstop. Recommended Solution: check the temperature where the bottle probe is located with an external thermometer, and if necessary, move the bottle probe to a location that has more airflow.
    • The bottle probe may be sending false temperatures to the cooling unit because moisture has entered the jack. Recommended Solution: unplug the probe and see if the cooling unit cycles normally. If so, use a blow dryer to dry out the inside of the jack. Plug the probe into the jack, and cover the joint where the probe plugs into the jack with insulation (eg butyl tape) to keep moisture from seeping into the jack.
    • If using a bottle probe to measure liquid temperatures, the HY differential must be set to 1 (HY should be set to 4 when measuring air temperature). Recommended Solution: Press the "Set" button and the "Down" button together at the same time, and hold for 3 seconds, then scroll to the HY parameter (it should be the first parameter that appears on the digital display.) Then press "Set" and if the number is not 1, use the down button to change to 1, then press "Set" again to accept the change.
  • Check the Evaporator Fan. The evaporator fan (on the cold side of the cooling unit, and different from the condenser fan) must be spinning when the "Snowflake" and "Fan" icons are lit. When the evaporator fan is spinning, you should feel cold air being discharged from the cooling unit. Recommended Solution: If the fan is not spinning, it's important to determine if it's because of a blockage that is keeping the fan blades from spinning, or a wiring issue, or a mechanical failure. One way to test is to see if the blades will spin freely. After you have determined whether the fans are spinning freely, please call CellarPro customer service at 707.794.8000 x2.
  • Check for Airflow Obstructions. If the evaporator is ducted and the ducting is obstructed, it will cause ice buildup. Similarly, if the front of the cooling unit is blocked and/or sufficient space does not exist in front of the cooling unit, it will block the unit's airflow and cause ice buildup. Recommended Solution: Check for and clear any obstructions in front of the cooling unit and in the ducting.
  • Check for Proper Wiring (Split Systems).
    • If the cooling unit is a split system and was configured with Electronic Control, but the condensing unit was installed with its own power source, it will never turn off, even when the evaporator turns off. Recommended Solution: Turn on the unit, and watch the digital display on the evaporator. When the snowflake icon turns off, does the condensing unit turn off? If not, the unit will need to be re-configured - either it will need to be rewired so that power to the condensing unit comes from the evaporator, or a solenoid valve will need to be installed and some wiring connections will need to be adjusted, as described in the following link: Change from Electronic to Valve Control.
    • If the unit is a split system and was configured for valve control, and the condensing unit continues to run for more than 20 minutes after the snowflake icon on the digital display turns off, icing may occur. Recommended Solution: Additional troubleshooting is necessary. Please call 707.794.8000 x2 for further assistance.

If none of these conditions and recommended solutions solve the problem, it's possible that the cooling unit is running low on refrigerant. At this point, you should turn the unit off so that the cooling unit doesn't run on a vacuum (ie with zero refrigerant.)

If your cooling unit is covered by warranty, please reply to this email to arrange for warranty service. If your cooling unit is no longer covered by warranty, you may be able to service your unit in the field. In order to add refrigerant to the system, the cooling unit must be removed from the wall and the outside case must be removed. from the unit.

The source of the leak also must be identified and repaired, otherwise the refrigerant will continue to leak out of the system.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance in troubleshooting and/or servicing your cooling unit.

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