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Buying Guide: Thermal Loads for Below-Grade Wine Cellars

Buying Guide: Thermal Loads for Below-Grade Wine Cellars

Light grey is within entire 1800 series capacity, medium grey is 1800QT / 1800XT / 1800XTS Capacity, light blue 1800XT / 1800XTS, dark grey 1800XTS

CellarPro Cooling Systems—Below-Grade Thermal Loads

Two Scenarios at 55°F

1800XT BTUH 1456

1800XTS BTUH 1886

3200VS BTUH 3040

4200VS BTUH 3938

Cellar Size

  Thermal Load (BTUH)
Scenario 1
2 Concrete Walls1
2 Interior Insulated Walls2

  Scenario 2
3 Concrete Walls1
1 Interior Insulated Walls2


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 973   958
77°F 65°F 1087 1106
80°F 70°F 1208 1260
80°F 75°F 1307 1399


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 1204 1181
77°F 65°F 1380 1408
80°F 70°F 1570 1643
80°F 75°F 1721 1852


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 1440 1411
77°F 65°F 1675 1711
80°F 70°F 1927 2022
80°F 75°F 2128 2298


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 1601 1570
77°F 65°F 1873 1912
80°F 70°F 2167 2269
80°F 75°F 2399 2581


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 1830 1794
77°F 65°F 2156 2201
80°F 70°F 2508 2626
80°F 75°F 2784 2994


Cubic Feet

75°F 60°F 2816 2761
77°F 65°F 3340 3408
80°F 70°F 3905 (4087)
80°F 75°F (4344) (4670)

We provide data for two scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: The cellar has two 6-inch concrete walls against grade + two insulated (R12) walls against temperature-controlled interior space.
  • Scenario 2: The cellar has three 6-inch concrete walls against grade + one insulated (R12) wall against temperature-controlled interior space.

The table is shaded to show which CellarPro refrigeration system will be required to maintain 55°F inside the wine cellar, using the following assumptions:

  • The GROUND temperature corresponds to the average earth temperature opposite the concrete walls.in the cellar. Please refer to our chart that depicts ground temperatures in various parts of the country, which can vary by 20-30 F depending on geography.
  • The AIR temperature correspond to the conditions in the temperature-controlled environment that is opposite the insulated wall(s) in the cellar.
  • The shading indicates the recommended cooling unit based on the calculated thermal load (refer to the shading at the top of the table).
  • A blue area with () indicates conditions that are beyond the capacity of our 4200 Series cooling units; therefore, our 6000S or 8000S split refrigeration system would be required.

The thermal loads above are calculated based on the R-Values discussed above. Lower R-Values in the cellar (eg from glass windows, doors or walls), uninsulated walls that are not fully below grade, and/or exposure to warmer air temperatures will increase the thermal load on the wine cellar. To be certain that the thermal load won't exceed the capacity of the cooling unit, email your wine cellar specifications to us and we'll be glad to assist you.